Unhippy Vegan


Cranberry Salsa (Salad Dressing)

Versatile tart winter salsa. Good with crackers or veggies. Excellent as salad dressing or as cranberry sauce with traditional turkey and dressing


TMA Stuffed Rolls

Delicious, satisfying, pretty healthy snack. Based on a recipe from my grandmother, Doris.


Mushroom Green chili

This isn’t the prettiest, but it is a very satisfying green chili that is good on its own, or anywhere you would use pork green chili.


Jackass Plantain and Roasted Chili Tacos

A cousin of mine suggested using jackfruit to make a replica of pulled-pork sandwiches. My mind immediately went to this recipe, which I have missed since mostly ditching pig. I am pleased with the result.


Spicy Black Bean Hummus

Great, healthy snack. Spicy, smoky, creamy, and satisfying. Look at that photo. I added garnish and everything. Very hippy.


A Vaguely Thai Like Salad

Quick and delicious salad with amazing Asian-inspired flavors. For the carnivorous, add some chopped pork or chicken.