Unhippy Vegan


TMA Stuffed Rolls

Delicious, satisfying, pretty healthy snack. Based on a recipe from my grandmother, Doris.


Mushroom Green chili

This isn’t the prettiest, but it is a very satisfying green chili that is good on its own, or anywhere you would use pork green chili.


Jackass Plantain and Roasted Chili Tacos

A cousin of mine suggested using jackfruit to make a replica of pulled-pork sandwiches. My mind immediately went to this recipe, which I have missed since mostly ditching pig. I am pleased with the result.


Spicy Black Bean Hummus

Great, healthy snack. Spicy, smoky, creamy, and satisfying. Look at that photo. I added garnish and everything. Very hippy.


A Vaguely Thai Like Salad

Quick and delicious salad with amazing Asian-inspired flavors. For the carnivorous, add some chopped pork or chicken.


Pressure Cooker Belizean Rice and Beans

Inspired by my brother and his two-year service project in Central America, a delicious and filling meal. If you’re feeling carnivorous, top with chicken stewed in garlic and lime.